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Easter Sunday Terrorist Attacks In Sri Lanka

Clare Bennett-Smith

Mum and I were due to visit Sri Lanka in a few weeks time. We had planned to visit a few cookery schools and to source new, fair trade products for the shop. Obviously now our plans have been cancelled due to the devastating terrorist attacks that were carried out there on Easter Sunday.


Our Hotel claimed that the money paid to them was non refundable at the time of booking, however after contacting them directly they were very supportive in issuing a full refund. Tourism counts for a huge percentage of the country’s income, and it is estimated that they stand to lose 1.5 billion pounds following the events.

Over 250 people lost their lives in the explosions and hundreds more were injured. Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by the events of Easter Sunday 2019. We will visit Sri Lanka one day, and we hope that peace is restored very soon.