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turkey curry

The Turkey Curry is Back

Clare Bennett-Smith

With Thanksgiving & Christmas on the horizon, our 

Turkey Curry kit 

is back on the menu. 


Most of us love a traditional dinner over the festive period. Often it's a challenge to know how to use the leftover food. We have created a simple menu, that uses those leftovers in a healthy, simple and tasty way. 

Boxing Day Feast

Turkey curry

A mild curry, with the addition of curry leaves, cinnamon and clove.

Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, coconut milk and the leftover shredded turkey.

(Other meats will work just as well)

Vegetable Dhansak

A mildly spiced, tomato and red lentil curry, with beautifully balanced spices.

Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, some split red lentils and the left over veggies.

Onion Bhajis

Our bhajis are baked, not fried, which means they are nice and light.

Add some fresh onions and serve with a raita (yogurt & mint) dip.

Spicy spinach & potatoes

Delicately spiced, this dish makes a great accompaniment to your feast.

Add coconut cream, potatoes and any left over greens.